This is me, Georg (then 14), enjoying the Garden of Penjerrick.

Why did I make this website?

I still remember my first visit to Penjerrick as if it were yesterday. Not only were my family and I instantly enchanted by this place, with its wild setting, hidden paths, overgrown tree ferns and colourful flowers. We were also touched by the story of Rachel Morin, the owner, who was working her way through the jungle in the lower garden when we met her. She told us about the garden and the problems the upkeep brings with it. This was when I decided to make this website, which will hopefully attract the attention of many other garden lovers.

If you would like to contact me regarding this website, here is my e-mail address:

I would also welcome any feedback regarding your visit to Penjerrick and will gladly pass it on to Rachel Morin.


Working with Rachel Morin, the owner of penjerrick

Working in the garden with Rachel Morin

Georg Asmussen

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