Welcome to Penjerrick Garden

Cornwall's True Jungle Garden

Visit one of the most unspoilt and beautiful gardens of Cornwall. This garden is of considerable historic and botanic interest but also the perfect place to relax.

Discover hidden paths, duck under branches that grow across the paths, and marvel at numerous tree ferns and enchanting blooming shrubs. We always enjoy returning to Penjerrick Garden and hope you will feel the same.

This peaceful 15 acre, sub-tropical, spring-flowering garden has fascinating views of the sea and a considerable historical and botanical interest.

Penjerrick was created 200 years ago by Robert Were Fox F.R.S. and his children, Anna Maria, Barclay and Caroline (R.W. Fox's brother, Charles was responsible for the Garden at Trebah and his brother Alfred for the garden at Glendurgan ).

They planted the upper garden with specimens collected abroad including rhododendrons, camellias, magnolias, azaleas, tree ferns and bamboos. The garden is also the home of the Penjerrick and Barclayi hybrid rhododendrons.

The lower part of Penjerrick is a dense valley garden reached by a wooden bridge. In this wild, jungle-like setting are four ponds and countless tree ferns that date back almost to the original planting of the garden. The tranquil garden (now owned by Rachel Morin) is at its best in April and May.

'Few gardens have the wonderful atmosphere of Penjerrick...' (Patrick Taylor)

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